Rambler's Top100

Rambler's Top100

P.O.Box 64, Moscow 123056 RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 737 9257, +7 495 688 1001
Fax: +7 495 681 4407
E-mail: 1c@1c.ru
WEB: http://www.1c.ru
Contact: Vladimir Eltsov
Primary Technology: distribution, support and development of software and data bases for office and home.
EDI services for retailers, manufacturers and suppliers.

58/2, ul. Beketova, Office 15, Nizhny Novgorod, 603122, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 (832) 417 3903
E-mail: Chesas@mts-nn.ru
Contact: Alexandre Tchesnokov
Primary Technology: Bar Coding.
AIDC Education & Professional Training
Manufacturer: Bar Code File Masters, Labels
Bar Code Verification. Consulting
Distributor: Bar Code Scanners & Verifiers, Printers & Label Materials

Proezd 4806, bld. 4, stroenie 3, Zelenograd, Moscow 124460 RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 531 1470
Fax: +7 495 531 3270
E-mail: general@angstrem.ru
WEB: http://www.angstrem.ru
Contact: Viacheslav Baronkin
Primary Technology: RFID
Manufacturer: electronics, including smart cards, RFID equipment (contactless ID cards, tags and transponders).

72, Kondratievskiy prospekt, St.Petersburg 195271, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 812 540 1550
Fax: +7 812 545 3785
E-mail: avangard@avangard.org
WEB: http://www.avangard.org
Contact: Sergey Gareev
Primary Technology: Radio Electronics, RFID
Development of innovative technologies and manufacture of radio electronics, microsystem engineering and instrument engineering.
Primary areas of activity: Microelectronics, Electrical Engineering.
Manufacturer: electronic modules, electronic devices, monitoring and safety systems, base carrying structures, industrial equipment, chemical materials.
Main products in the area of acoustoelectronics and RFID: passive tags on surface acoustic waves (2.45 GHz), stationary and mobile input readers (2.45 GHz), patented algorithms of signal processing in readers and tag manufacture technology, temperature sensors (434 MHz and 2.45 GHz), SAW deformation sensors (433-434 MHz), SAW bank of filters, SAW broadband dispersive time-delay lines, SAW quartz resonators.

5, Shosse Entuziastov Moscow 111024, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 495 627 5508
E-mail: koulon@aero-com.ru
WEB: http://shtrichkod.ru
Contact: Olga Rogozina
Primary Technology: Bar Code
Manufacturer: Film Masters, Software, Labels
Distributor: Bar Code Scanners, Decoders, Printers, Label Materials.

Narodnogo Opolchenia Str., 34, bldg. 1, Office 306, Moscow 123438, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 495 742 1789, +7 495 742 1790
E-mail: vartan@scancode.ru
WEB: http://www.scancode.ru
Contact: Vartan Grigorian
Primary Technology: Bar Code, System Integrator, Access Control
Distributor: Bar Code Printers, Scanners, Data Coll, Labels, (point-of-sale) POS display, programmable keyboard
Exclusive distributor of GIGA-TMS INC. products
Exclusive distributor of SYNTECH INFORMATION Co. Products.

4, Finlyandsky pr., Petrovsky Fort Business Center, Level B, St.Petersburg 194044, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 812 331 2255
Fax: +7 812 331 2256
E-mail: info-cs@crystals.ru
WEB: http://www.crystals.ru , http://www.crystalset.ru
Contact: Denis Ovchinin
Primary Technology: Systems Integrator
Distributor: POS Systems, Packaging Equipment, Bar Code Printers, Scanners, Anti-Theft Systems, Accessories.
Automation for retailers & wholesalers, restaurants, gas stations.

51, Lenina Str., Yekaterinburg 620083, RUSSIA
PO Box Datakrat
Tel: +7 3432 65 1340 / 1352
Fax: +7 3432 65 1551
E-mail: dk@datakrat.ru
WEB: www.datakrat.ru
Contact: Nikolay Yakovlev
Primary Technology: System Integrator.

3d proezd Maryinoi Roshchi, 40
Moscow 127018, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 782 1105, +7 495 289 2408
Fax: +7 495 289 7234
E-mail: office@datasc.dol.ru
Contact: Nikolai Pupkov
Primary Technology: Bar Code, System Integrator
Distributor: Bar Code Scanners, Decoders, Printers, Label Materials
Exclusive distributor of DATALOGIC products.

14, Baltijskaya st., Moscow 125190, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 155 4380
Fax: +7 495 151 5501
E-mail: imc-vega@ntsian.ru
WEB: http://www.imc-vega.ru
Contact: Andrey Utkin
Primary Technology: RFID systems and devices
Specializes in the fields of development of composite materials including radio transparent, absorbent and shielding materials, coatings and products; design of anechoic microwave chambers; reduction of electromagnetic field intensity and its normalization in closed spaces and premises.

Floor8, 1G-20, Kulakova St., Technopark "Orbita", Moscow 123592, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 781 6146, +7 495 757 6525
Fax: +7 499 740 2247
E-mail: forintek@forintek.ru, oxana.koziy@gmail.com 
WEB: http://www.forintek.ru, http://www.forintek-holding.ru
Contact: Oxana Koziy
Primary Technology: Barcode, Consumables, RFID
Distributor: AutoID and packaging systems - inkjet printers (CIJ and DOD), laser marking and coding systems, thermal direct and thermal transfer printers, label applicators, print & apply systems and labelling systems, hot foil coders and packaging equipment.
AutoID solutions based on barcode technology.
Consumables, supplies and accessories for coding, marking and packaging equipment.
Manufacturer: self-adhesive labels on rolls (custom-printed, pre-printed and blank labels).
After-sale service, maintenance, customer support and customers' staff training.
Investment in the development of AutoID and packaging systems in Russia.
Distributor: AVERY DENNISON, HITACHI Industrial Equipment Systems, MACSA ID, ANSER Coding, ALLEN Coding Systems, TIFLEX, CICRESPI.

4, St. Masterkova, Floor 15, Moscow 109280, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 095 725 0896
Fax: +7 095 725 0897
E-mail: kristina@doublev.ru
Contact: Kristina Lisichenko
Primary Technology: Transfer ribbons
Distributor: Thermal transfer ribbon to print barcode, hologram, hot stamping foil, all kind of paper.

18, Vasiljeva St., Snezhinsk, Cheljabinsk Region, 456770 RUSSIA
Tel.: +7 (35146) 32772
Fax.: +7 (35146) 25741
E-mail: tgs@itec.snz.ru
WEB: http://www.itec.snz.ru
Contact: Nikolay Sakharov
Primary Technology: Bar Code, Systems Integrator
Distributor: Bar Code Scanners, Decoders, Printers, Terminals, Label Materials, Label Design Software, Direct Marking Systems for Metal and Plastic.

95/2, Volgsky avenue, Office 301, Moscow 109125, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 744 0219
Fax: +7 499 177 5226
E-mail: office@infots.ru
WEB: http://www.infots.ru
Contact: Andrey Chihlyaev
Primary Technology: Bar Code, RFID, Systems Integrator
Distributor: Bar Code Scanners & Terminals - DataLogic, Symbol, Minec, TDS; Printers  Zebra, SATO, Primera, Mectec, NBS, ATD, ITD.

1a, ul. Geroev Kursantov, Office XII, Yubileiny, Moscow Region, 141091, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 662 3877
Fax: +7 495 662 3878
E-mail: intelcom@intelcom.ru
WEB: http://www.intelcom.ru
Contact: Vasily Yerofeev
Primary Technology: Systems Integrator
Design of software solutions for the decoding of linear and 2D bar code symbologies.

PO Box 355, St Petersburg, 198207, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 812 714 7578, 713 8915, 327 0566
E-mail: info@intercode.spb.ru
WEB: http://www.intercode.spb.ru
Contact: Alexander Lifanov
Primary Technology: Bar Code
Manufacturer: Film Masters, Software, Labels.
Distributor: Bar Code Scanners, Decoders, Printers, Verifiers, Label Materials.

Representative Office in Russia & CIS

16, Bolshoi Ovchinnikovsky pereulok, Office 705, Moscow 115184, RUSSIA
Tel +7 495 510 2887
Fax: +7 495 510 2889
E-mail: valery.sherman@motorola.com
WEB: http://www.motorola.com
Contact: Valery Sherman
Primary Technology: Mobile Data Transaction Systems, Bar Code
Manufacturer: Bar Code Scanners, Mobile Computers, Wireless LANs for applications in retail, transportation and distribution logistics, manufacturing, parcel and postal delivery, government, healthcare and education.
Innovative LAN-based customer solutions for data and voice, application-specific mobile computing and bar code data capture.

7-1, 7th Tekstilshikov st., Moscow, 109263, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 495 742 5734
Fax: +7 495 919 9611
E-mail: bulychev@scale.ru
WEB: http://www.barcoding.ru
Contact: Pavel Bulychev
Primary Technology: Bar Code Labeling, Printing and Application Labeling, Mobile Systems for Data Processing
Complex solutions for automated production based on industrial label printers, printing and application equipment, inkjet printing, mobile computers for data collection and wireless technologies.
Equipment: thermal transfer printers, industrial inkjet printers, real-time label printing and application systems, dynamic weighing and marking systems. RFID printers, mobile computers for data collection, bar code scanners.

60B, Dorozhnaya st., Moscow, 117405, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 495 645-3855
E-mail: sales@scancity.ru
WEB: http://www.scancity.ru
Contact: Olga Sedova
Primary Technology: Bar Code
Main activity: development and adoption of solutions for companies' automation, distribution of bar code equipment.
About company: SCAN CITY is reliable and professional partner in the sphere of automation for the largest retail and wholesale trade companies, logistic companies, consumer services, companies in HoReCa sector.
For automation of trade and warehouse we offer equipment: mobile computers, bar code scanners, label printers, programmed keyboards and others.
SCAN CITY cooperates with well-known world producers such as Honeywell, Datalogic, CipherLab, Unitech, Argox, Zebra, PREH.

4, Masterkova str., Moscow 115280, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 095 787 6090
Fax: +7 095 787 6099
E-mail: info@shtrih-m.ru
WEB: http://www.shtrih-m.ru
Contact: Olga Markina
Primary Technology: IT Integrator in Retail, Warehouse Management Systems and Hospitality.
Manufacturer: Electronic Cash Registers (ECR), Scales, Kiosks and POS Systems.
Distributor: Bar Code Equipment (Scanners, Label Printers, Data Collection Terminals), Electronic Self-Labels (ESL), Anti-Theft Systems, Plastic Cards, RFID Technology.
Equipment for fuel stations.

Park Place, Suite E1003,
Leninsky Prospekt, 113/1
Moscow 117198, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 095 956 5421, 956 5422, 956 5423
Fax: +7 095 956 5444
E-mail: specta@specta.ru
WEB: http://www.specta.ru
Contact: Ivan Pahomov
Primary Technology: Bar Code, System Integrator
Distributor: Label Materials, Thermotransfer Ribbons, Bar Code and Ink Jet Printers, Terminals, Scanners, Decoders, Software.

66 A, Bolshoi Sampsonievsky pr., St.Petersburg 194100, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 812 380 0308
Fax: +7 812 380 0309
E-mail: info@systematic.ru
WEB: http://www.systematic.ru
Contact: Sergey Dudnikov
Primary Technology: IT solutions and services
Network and telecommunications solutions for corporate and infrastructure levels, computing and engineering systems. Information security solutions, IT infrastructure management systems (ITMS), RFID solutions.
Owner of PatchTagTM RFID tag trademark.

58, Novocherkasskiy pr. Office 411, St.Petersburg 195213, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 812 320 75 70
E-mail: mailbox@tmcons.spb.su
Contact: Yuri Syshchikov
Primary Technology: Bar Code, System Integrator
Manufacturer: Accessory equipment for roll labels.
Distributor: Thermal transfer printers.
Industrial self-adhesive labelling.

1, ul. Pozdnyakova, Tulinovka, Tambov region 393111, RUSSIA
Tel: +7 0752-66-70-44, 7 0752-71-36-30
Fax: +7 0752-71-26-05
E-mail: info@tves.com.ru
Contact: Yevgeny Solodkov, General Director.
Primary Technology: Bar Code
Manufacturer: Electronic Weighing Machines & Equipment, POS Terminals, Bar Code Equipment.
Distributor: Bar Code-based Software and Equipment for Storage, Auto ID and Sale of Goods, Printers, Label Materials.

34/10, Marksistskaya St., 5th floor, Moscow, 109147 RUSSIA
Tel: +7 095 748 0907
Fax: +7 095 7480909
E-mail: markirovka@unit.ru
WEB: http://www.markirovka.com
Contact: Alexander Naishuller
Primary Technology: Bar Code; Thermostranfer Printing on Self-Adhesive Labels, Tapes, Tubes; RFID; Laser Engraving on Metal; Self-Adhesive Tesa Labels
Distributor: Full Technology and Consumables for Automatic Identification in Industrial Environment.
Thermotransfer Printers, Scanners, Software;
RFID Tags (BRADY), Readers;
Consumables of 185 Polymer Materials.
Main Target Industries: Electronics, Automotive, Telecom, Electric Installers.
Wide network of partners in CIS.
Certificates of ISO-9002, QS-9000.

7, Nagorny proezd, Moscow 117105, RUSSIA
Tel/Fax: +7 495 514 4436
E-mail: qualabar@mtu-net.ru
WEB: http://www.ventor-d.ru
Contact: Vladimir Ivanov
Primary Technology: Bar Code; System Integrator
Distributor: Bar Code Equipment, Software, Labels, Label Materials.